June 20, 2016

Throw-Away Diamond Dressers

Throw-away Type Diamond Dressers are made of small selected crystal shape or octahedral diamonds, mounted in a matrix. Only one cutting edge is presented to the grinding wheel.

Diamonds for throw-away type diamond dressers are selected for their structural strength, degree of sharpness and lack of deter imental flaws. The proper selection of size and quality appropriate for a given application requires qualified and experienced judgment.

As the name suggests is really a throw - away dresser that means no maintenance, no re-setting of diamond required.

They are used for turning and dressing small and medium sized wheels. For larger wheels with small widths they are used only in profile dressing applications.

These tools are not suited to dress wheels with grit size coarser than 60 mesh.

For your reference we have given few of the standard tools as per European & American specifications,