June 28, 2016

Trapezoidal Thread Taps

Trapezoidal Thread Taps

Trapezoidal thread is mainly used for transmission (feed and lift) and position adjustment device, which is popular in the mechanical field.
Trapezoidal thread with 30° thread angle.
Metric trapezoidal taps are widely used in mass production. Using trapezoidal thread taps has the characteristics of low-cost tool, less-dependent on operation workers and higher threads accuracy etc.
RH(right hand) and LH( left hand) trapezoidal thread taps available. (RH no need specified, LH need to be specified specially, just specify “LH” that will be fine)
Material: HSS, HSS-E (Both material can provide good wear-resistance)
These Metric trapezoidal taps are usually bright ( no-coated), we also can put on coatings according to clients’ requirements. (TiN, CrN, TiCN, Nitride etc)
Trapezoidal taps can be supplied by individual or sets( Taper taps, Plug taps and Bottom Taps)

As below are some trapezoidal taps we can provide:

Tr 8×1.5 Tap

Tr 10×2 Tap

Tr 12×3 Tap

Tr 14×3 Tap

Tr 16×4 Tap

Tr 18×4 Tap

Tr 20×4 Tap

Tr 22×5 Tap

Tr 24×5 Tap

Tr 26×5 Tap

Tr 28×5 Tap

Tr 30×6 Tap

Tr 32×6 Tap

Tr 36×6 Tap

Tr 38×7 Tap

Tr 40×7 Tap

Tr 42×7 Tap

Tr 44×7 Tap

Tr 46×8 Tap

Tr 48×8 Tap

Tr 50×8 Tap

Tr 52×8 Ta