June 20, 2016

Multipoint Disc

Multi-point Disc dressers are normally used in small grinding wheels on internal grinding machines. The diamonds are set evenly in rows across the face of the disc. First class needle shape diamonds are used, set in a special sintered bonds. Multi-point disc dresser are perfectly simple to use. Its operation is basically the same as that of a single point diamond dresser except that, after each row of diamonds has been used, new points can be put into operation simply by rotating the disc slightly.

An ample supply of coolant and depth of cut of 0.02 - 0.03 mm. max are prerequisite for long tool life. Multi-point disc dressers can be used at any angle and therefore in any application.

To optimize the life of multi-point disc type dresser, we recommend that the complete disc be turned 180o from time to time to utilize the self sharpening effect produced by wear.