June 20, 2016

Cluster Dressers

Cluster type diamond dressers consist of a number of small natural diamond of good crystal character, set in a geometric pattern
in single layer and sintered into a special wear resistant bond.
The cluster type diamond dresser is ideal for coarse or rough dressing of grinding wheels in sizes up to 80 grit (mainly rough grinding or grinding to eliminate imbalance). The diamonds can be fully utilised without re-setting or re-sharpening.
Dressing costs are substantially reduced as the diamonds used in this type of dressers are much smaller in size than single point diamond dresser, so they are much economical.
Cluster type diamond dressers give rapid-dressing and produce a consistent even surface on the grinding wheel. These dressers are resistant to shock and impact.
The dressing face of the cluster type diamond dresser should be set at an angle of 90° to the grinding wheel so that all the diamond points are in contact at the same time.
Depth of cut per stroke of the dresser: 0.01-0.05 mm max.

Feed rate - in mm per revolution:

0.3 - 1.5 mm max.
Finer infeeds & smaller cuts will produce higher surface finishes. Normal wheel speeds should be used.
An adequate supply of coolant should be used both before and during the dressing operation, in order to prolong tool life.